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Meet Dr. Lynda Behrendt

As a Doctor in Clinical Psychology, Registered Nurse and Marriage and Family Therapist, I have 30 years experience helping adults deal with life struggles by positively using their cognitive, emotional, social, physical, spiritual and behavioral abilities.

People struggling with depression, anxiety, medical problems, situational stressors and/or relationship issues can expect a treatment approach that is adapted to their individual personality.

As a Registered Nurse I specialize in helping people with Medical problems. With training in intercultural studies, I like to help people of other cultures. Also, with my pastoral counseling background, people with spiritual concerns feel comfortable talking to me.


Doctorate degree from Pepperdine University.  Training from various University of California Hospitals, private hospitals, medical centers, and private practices.

Pastoral Counseling

Helping individuals with spiritual concerns and values.

Medical Experience

Worked as a registered nurse.

Professional Leadership
Active member and leader in State Psychological Association.

Comprehensive Personalized Treatment Approach

Dr. Behrendt's Individualized Treatment Approach will help you look at and integrate the physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of your life to determine the best approach to treatment.

Crisis intervention, short term and long term therapy is available.

Dr. Behrendt brings personalized expertise unique to each individual’s needs, personality style and goals. Her approach is accessible, practical, non judgmental, supportive and comfortable. We will work as a team in a way that fits your personality and present issues.

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